The Ski Test Guys

Race start time is 9:00 am with a forecast temperature of 18 F rising to about 24F at noon.  The race directors are saying the event will comprise of 3 laps on the snowmaking loop which we will assume will be about 9 km total.  

At 18F all glide waxes are pretty similar.  Based on our test results, Swix CH8 would be a very slight favorite over CH6 or Rex Blue

‚ÄčThe chart below shows the forecasted temperatures in the black line with the scale on the left.  The predicted coefficient of friction for 4 different waxes is on the right hand axis.  The fastest wax will be the one with the lowest coefficient of friction

2018 Preloppet: Sunday January 7th

The chart below shows the estimated time lost due to using a sub-optimal wax.  This chart and the time penalties are based on a 30 minute finishing time

CH8 is the fastest and so has zero time lost.  If Swix CH6 or Rex Blue are very similar with an estimated penalty of only 5 to 15 seconds.  A hard wax like Swix CH4 would have an estimated penalty of about 40 seconds.