Note: ​This is an independent project by Rick Budde

Simulated foot and thermocouples for warmth testing

Warmth Testing:

Obviously, a winter boot needs to be warm.  Being a SkiTestGuy, I naturally thought about how you would test and measure the warmth of a boot.

I developed a way to measure the internal temperature of a simulated foot.  The simulated foot is 300 grams of water in two plastic tubes.  A thermocouple is sandwiched between the two tube.  The water is heated to 98 Deg F (body temp) then placed in the shoe or boot being measured.  Then, the shoe and simulated foot is placed in a freezer at 0 Deg F.  I measure the rate at which the water cools down.  This tells me the ability of the shoe or boot to retain warmth.

A new way of thinking about a winter boot

• All the warmth of a winter boot
• The comfort and weight of a running shoe
• Waterproof and breathable
• Compactable: Fits easily into a travel bag – even a briefcase
• Designed to let the foot move – a free moving foot is a warm foot

Results of warmth testing:  Minutes to lose 1 Deg of heat

​​Design highlights:

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Warmth testing result: Temperature change vs Time

I have been unable to find a pair of winter boots that work well with my skiing lifestyle.  I want a pair of boots I can put into a clothing bag at ski races and not feel like I'm carrying around bricks.  Traveling by airplane to go on ski trips has been especially difficult.  Boots are not travel friendly.

I looked all over for a winter boot that would be warm, lightweight and easy to fold or compress into a suitcase or ski bag.  I have been unable to find anything I liked.  So, I'm designing and building my own line of winter boots.  I wanted a boot that that didn't feel like a boot.  I wanted it to feel like you weren't even wearing a boot.   My wife suggested "NakedBootz" would be an appropriate name.  So that's what it is NakedBootz LLC.  We are about 1 year into the project and and have had a couple of prototypes made.  Our latest prototype is being built in a top-tier factory in China and will be delivered in early December 2017.  The boot being built is pictured below.​​

How heavy is your shoe or boot

A typical running shoe is about 0.7 pounds

Hiking boots are over a pound

​Our initial prototypes were around 0.8 pounds

​The heavy winter boot is over 2 pounds

Our next prototypes are expected to weigh even less than the initial prototypes but be even warmer.

Designing a Better Winter Boot:

How warm is your shoe or boot

A typical running shoe will lose 1 deg of heat in 2 minutes

A Solomon classic ski boot takes 2.6 minutes to lose 1 deg

Our initial prototypes are about the same as a good winter hiking boot, about 2.8 minutes to lose 1 deg

A very heavy winter boot takes about 3.5 minutes to lose 1 deg

Our next prototype will have thicker insulation and this chart will be updated in December to reflect the latest design

Much more information is available on our website:


We are planning a Kickstarter project in the spring to fund our initial production run.  If you intrigued by this boot design and would like to get a pair, fill out the form to the right to receive updates on when the kickstarter project will be launched.

A YouTube video for our boot project is linked in below.​​

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