The Ski Test Guys

It sounded so simple at the beginning.  But it took three years to develop a test system with the necessary accuracy  Then it took 2 more years to figure out how to use it to accumulate a large body of test data that could be summarized into a practical, easily communicated format.  All the pieces are in place now to provide world class test results of ski wax gliding properties and translate that into a practical metric like changes in the time to complete the Birkie. 


Providing the ski community with objective, high quality data on the performance of ski base treatments



‚ÄčAny time skiers gather the topic of waxing and base grinds is almost sure to be discussed. Before big ski events like the American Birkenbiener the latest wax recommendations are eagerly awaited.  But there is something conspicuously absent from these discussions and recommendations, actual data on how much impact different waxes actually have.  

We were frustrated by the lack of objective measurement data regarding wax performance.  We searched the internet to look for published research papers on the topic but found little that was of practical use to skiers so we decided to initiate our own research.