​How to read this chart:

This chart shows the difference in friction between a pair of skis with a cold grind and another pair with a warm grind.  A positive number means the cold grind ski was faster while a negative number means the warm grind ski was faster.  The data was broken out by the type of snow (new, old, transformed).  The shaded areas represent the 95% statistical confidence level on the regression lines through the data.

The results?  On new and old snow below 0 deg C, the cold grind and warm grind skis were statistically the same (from the chart, the difference in friction is 0.0).  On transformed snow above 0 deg C the warm grind ski was faster by about 0.002.   It should be noted that test results apply only to these particular skis and not necessarily to all skis with these types of base grinds.

​​We've done all of our testing using the same 3 pairs of skis over and over again.  In each test session all three skis are tested together.  The three skis have different base grinds.  One pair has a factory grind, one pair has an after market cold grinding and one has an after market warm grind.  In every test the warm grind skis and cold grind skis were prepared with the same wax.  The difference in friction between those two base grinds is easily determined and is shown in the chart below.  For a more complete description of how this data was collected please reference our published technical paper



Base Grind Data

The Ski Test Guys