The Ski Test Guys

The performance of fluorinated waxes is a topic of great interest to skiers.  We are in the process of a comprehensive study of their performance on freshly waxes skis and their durability.   

One aspect of the study is the performance of paraffin waxes with a high concentration of fluorocarbon additives.  Over a 3 year period we measured Swix CH8 and the highly fluorinated HF8 version.  Our test data is showing the difference in friction performance on freshly waxed skis is pretty small.  The results at high humidity show the same thing. 

​The data below shows a difference in coefficient of friction of about 0.0005.  But, as is evident from the chart, the confidence intervals on the data have a significant amount of overlap so there is not a great deal of statistical confidence that there is any difference between these two waxes on freshly waxed skis.  Assuming the 0.0005 difference is correct, that would translate into about a 45 second reduction in a Birkie race time for a proficient skier.

Fluorinated Waxes