Seeking Volunteers

The Ski Test Guys

One of the main questions we want to answer is; how durable are ski waxes and is there a difference between plain paraffin waxes and the highly fluorinated paraffin waxes.  This is time consuming work and it's hard for the two of us to gather a significant amount of data.  

​We are seeking people who would volunteer to wax their skis with a particular wax we plan to study.  Then stop by our testing lab in Plymouth, MN to have the freshly waxed skis friction tested.  Then go ski 30 to 50 km over the weekend and stop by again to have the skis tested after being used.  The goal is to compile all the data into a technical paper for an engineering journal to document the durability of different ski waxes.

​If you are interested in participating email us and we will put you on the list;​

Each volunteer will get a Skitestguys coffee mug!