Glide Wax Hardness

Wax hardness is one of the most important factors in differentiating glide waxes.  Hardness is measured with a device called a Durometer  There are different shaped tips for this meter for measuring materials with different hardness.  We used the ā€œDā€ tip which is for hard plastic/rubber materials.  The hardness scale goes from 1 to 100.  A car tire is about 50 on the Shore D Durometer scale, a construction hardhat is about 70.  Soft ski waxes are between 20 and 30.  The really hard waxes approach 50.

The test procedure followed was;

* Create a flat surface on the wax block to be tested by holding it against a waxing iron.
* Let the wax cool to room temperature (67 deg F).
* Press the hardness meter tip into the wax and hold for 5 seconds and record the reading.
* Measure each specimen 5 times and determine the average.
* Measuring the hardness with a Durometer.

The tip of the meter was pressed into the wax and held for 5 seconds before the reading was recorded.

The Ski Test Guys